Spotlight on Grand Cayman: Coe Wood Beach

Don't believe everything you read in a guidebook. Coe Wood was recommended in one of the local guidebooks as a "Best Beach" on Grand Cayman. There were some redeeming qualities and the kids had fun playing in the sand, but I'm not in any rush to return there.

View from Grape Tree Cafe at Coe Wood Beach

Coe Wood Beach is located on the road between Georgetown and Bodden Town, but closer to Bodden Town. There is a LOT of seaweed on this beach ... you can probably see it lining the shore in this picture. To each their own, but this made the prospect of going in the water pretty unappealing for us.

The main part of the beach has a couple of metal structures you can sit under to get some respite from the sun. It was not ideal for kids because of all the broken glass and garbage in the sand. We spent the bare minimum amount of time here and then headed next door for lunch at Grape Tree Cafe.

If you're going to check out Coe Wood Beach, it's probably to visit the Grape Tree Cafe. Or you've exhausted every other inch of the island and want to see it all. When we went, most of the menu was unavailable, so we ordered what they had. Which was ... ox tail and some type of whole fish. It was all very good and as you can see from the picture above, this side of the beach was a relatively nice setting for a meal.

In terms of logistics, there is a restroom on the beach, as well as adjacent parking. You can get food and drinks either at the Grape Tree Cafe or the gas station minimart next door. The cafe is worth a stop if you're in the area, but the beach itself was a "pass" for us.


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