Spotlight on Grand Cayman: Smith Cove

Before I start today's post, let me first confess ... my mind is still on yesterday's Democratic Debate. I could blog about my reactions, but everything I would write has already been written. So instead, let's continue our exploration of the beaches on Grand Cayman.

Smith Cove is a relatively small beach that is a short, but in our case trafficky, drive south of Seven Mile Beach (SMB). The vibe is the opposite of the hustle and bustle you'll find at SMB. There are, what appear to be, black volcanic rock formations on either side of the beach. Strong waves batter these rocks and anyone in the water. While snorkeling, I saw giant schools of fish right near the shore and it was amusing to watch them rock back and forth in unison with the waves.

In terms of logistics, if you're using Google maps, type in, "Smith's Barcadere." There is a free parking lot across the street, according to this TripAdvisor review. I don't personally remember, and my husband isn't around right now for me to ask. There were no vendors, so as with most beaches on Grand Cayman, bring your own snacks and drinks. There were actual bathrooms here, as opposed to port-a-potties. I would put this beach on your "check it out" list if you're ever on Grand Cayman.


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