Spotlight on Grand Cayman: Governors Beach

Governors Beach is what you probably picture when you think about Grand Cayman. It's on the northern end of Seven Mile Beach, which is the popular tourist destination on the island. Right behind the white fence in the picture below is the Governor's residence.

Overall Vibe
Governors Beach has the white sand and crystal clear blue water that you came to experience. There aren't any waves, so it's pretty safe for little kids with supervision. We saw some tourist buses drop off here, but it never got even remotely crowded.

I went snorkeling and saw some fish ... nothing too crazy. It's a very comfortable snorkelling experience due to the calm water, warm temperature, and good visibility. The kids enjoyed playing in the sand and swimming. It was like being in a pool.

After we had our fill of this tropical paradise, we walked south to Seven Mile Beach. You can see the start of it in the picture ... it's where the beach is covered in chaise lounges and watercraft rentals. I definitely get the appeal of Seven Mile Beach and at the same time, I'm happy we stayed in a residential area of Georgetown away from the hustle and bustle.

There was ample parking adjacent to the beach and a port-a-potty in the parking lot. There was no food for sale or other vendors on Governors Beach, but plenty of options a short walk down Seven Mile Beach. For your convenience, I would suggest bringing your own water, snacks, and toys.

In Closing
Our time at Governors Beach was enjoyable and I'm glad we made the trip. It gave us the quintessential Grand Cayman experience in terms of what we expected before we arrived on the island. It also affirmed our decision to stay in Georgetown vs. Seven Mile Beach. I would put Governors Beach on the list of "check it out" while you're on Grand Cayman.


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