Why I'm Supporting Andrew Yang for President

I've joined the group of people that has lost faith in the system. Although I am a registered Democrat, I don't see Democrats or Republicans offering up the solutions and leadership that will make our country better. That's why I am supporting Andrew Yang's bid to put more power and decision-making in the hands of the people via a $1000/month payment to all U.S. citizens over the age of 18. Here are 3 more reasons why Andrew Yang should be the next President of the United States:

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  1. Andrew Yang has actual ideas and solutions. In addition, his answers to many of America's most pressing problems are based on data and research, and simply make sense. A few examples of his common sense policies that resonate with me are ranked choice voting, 18 year term limit for Supreme Court justices, extend daylight savings time all year, and democracy dollars to mitigate the influence of wealthy donors and corporations on our elections.
  2. Andrew Yang is a unifying force. Andrew Yang doesn't talk explicitly about unity and I've never heard him use the word, but his policies and entire being are all about unity. He doesn't pit the rich against the poor, blue states against red states, college educated against high school educated. He is about treating all Americans the same and making all our lives better.
  3. Andrew Yang is a decent and trustworthy person. In the short time that I've been aware of his candidacy and listened to him speak, he has already made me a better person and more empathetic towards the plight of people in this country whose jobs have been or soon will be eliminated through automation. If you look at his background, he left corporate law after only practicing for 5 months to become an entrepreneur and started Venture for America in a bid to foster entrepreneurship and bring jobs to cities that were once flourishing and are now struggling.
Everything his supporters write about him echo my own reactions to his candidacy. He sounds different from every other candidate because he doesn't speak in platitudes and make a laundry list of the problems our country is facing, or argue that his main selling point is beating Donald Trump in 2020. This is because he believes the rise of Trump was due to an underlying shift in our economy ... the automation of 4 million manufacturing jobs in the swing states that helped to elect Trump.

Andrew Yang is a realist, and at the same time, he believes that we can meet the challenges we face and he's ready to get to work. He is proposing a way forward that is imminently achievable and will have downstream benefits for many areas in which our country is struggling (e.g. opioid addiction, suicide), restore dignity to our fellow Americans who have been on the losing side of our economy, and pave a new way to value each individual's contributions to our communities. If you're interested in learning more about Andrew Yang and his policies, I hope you'll tune into one of these podcasts because he's a worthwhile listen, even if you decide not to vote for him:


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