New Blogging Schedule

As I wrote in my post a month ago, we have separated from our cleaning service and I am now cleaning our house myself. Since I try to squeeze all the cleaning in, along with a workout, meditation, laundry, getting groceries, and all the other life maintenance chores while my kids are in school for 3 hours a day, there isn't a lot of time for blogging. And working on the computer while my kids are home generally requires me to put on a television show for them.

I was planning on switching to a once a week publishing schedule in the Fall anyway, when I start school. I'll be working towards my Master of Social Work degree at Fordham University and juggling that with managing our family's needs will leave little time for blogging. So the new schedule is going into effect a few months early. I'll plan to publish every Thursday and look forward to sharing my ongoing journey with you.


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