Grand Cayman with Kids

Over winter break, we went to Grand Cayman with our 5 year old twins. One of our friends is always raving about it, and sure enough, it wound up being the perfect island destination. There were beautiful beaches and fun activities, but that can be found in many places. Here's what made Grand Cayman special for us as a family:

  1. Ease of getting there. Our flight was under 4 hours and around $300 per person. Once we landed, it was a few minutes' drive to our condo. We stayed in Georgetown, which I highly recommend, but even Seven Mile Beach is only 15 minutes from the airport.
  2. Safety and comfort. The island is known for its low crime rate. On top of that, we didn't experience the harassment from vendors and aggressive sales tactics prevalent in other tourist destinations. The whole time we were there, we saw one person who wasn't affiliated with a resort selling something on the beach and she was simply advertising, not approaching anyone.
  3. Tropical, yet familiar. We were on vacation on a tropical island, eating lots of delicious oxtail and curry, yet we felt at home. Dollars were accepted everywhere we went, as were our credit cards. Driving was on the left side of the road and that took some getting used to, but otherwise, it was all very easy and comfortable. 
I'd definitely like to go back to Grand Cayman one day soon, and check out all the sites we didn't have a chance to visit during our first trip. It was such an effortless and relaxing vacation with great food and awesome beaches. Very kid and family friendly!


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