3 Things I'd Like for Mother's Day

With Mother's Day approaching, a few gift ideas have been popping up in my head ... that I would like for myself! 😀😁😄 I think they're things that have universal mom appeal. So I'm sharing them here with you.

Photo from Target website

1. A giant mug for coffee or tea. I was in Target doing some Easter shopping and saw this great mug. It is 48 ounces and might be a gag gift for some, but I would totally fill this baby up with hot herbal tea. I have one mug that maybe holds 20 ounces, but I find that some of my herbal teas are too strong and I would love a larger capacity mug to dilute it more. Plus, it has the added bonus of being a workout since it's gotta be pretty heavy when full.

Photo from Target website
2. A workout DVD. I don't belong to a gym and like to do workouts at home. It's quick and easy to change into my workout clothes and hop downstairs to my family room for a PopSugar Fitness workout routine on YouTube. Recently, I've been wanting to try a workout DVD from a celebrity trainer and have been checking out the various options from Tracy Anderson. Moms tend to be busy and need to fit in a short, but effective workout during the day. A well-researched workout DVD might be much appreciated.

Photo from Ring website

3. A Ring doorbell. In general, I'm opposed to smart devices because I'm paranoid about being spied on. But I totally want one of these because the positives would so outweigh the downsides. We get a surprisingly number of door-to-door solicitations, whether it be from religious groups, solar panel companies, or questionable fundraisers. I'd love to be able to separate these doorbell rings from the ones I actually want to answer ... my landscaper, friends and neighbors dropping by, or FedEx.

Our neighborhood also has a problem with package theft, so I'd love the surveillance aspect of the device. And finally, it would be helpful as a timestamp for service providers who charge by the hour. For instance, I had an HVAC guy out here yesterday and if we had a Ring, I'd have an electronic record of when he showed up and when he left.

In Closing
That's my list. In my book, a gift doesn't have to be pricey to be awesome and much appreciated. And sometimes the best gift is one that I could get myself, but someone else giving it to me saves me having to research and/or set it up. Good luck on your shopping!


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