Review of Barney's Backyard at Universal Orlando

Last week, we came back from 6 nights at Universal Orlando and I've been sharing all the reasons why we had a blast there. One of the reasons was all the fun and creative play areas they have for younger kids. My absolute favorite play area, shockingly to me, was Barney's Backyard at Universal Studios Florida.

An Overview
I've never seen the show Barney and Friends, and my kids have never watched it at home. So the play area was really well done in its own right, and very enjoyable even if you're not a fan of the show. There is a kid-sized stationary train, an area dedicated to the littlest guests with a maximum height limit, tree houses, and all sorts of cool musical features.

Cool Musical Features
One of these features was a fountain with different streams of water coming down. As you ran your hand under each stream, a different musical note would play. There were also two sets of large chimes you could play with a mallet, and the sounds were somewhat muted so as not to be grating for adult ears.

There were colorful paving stones on the ground that worked like large buttons, and when you stepped on them, different sounds would play. One set of these, near the little kids area, played farm animal sounds. The other set played soothing musical notes.

A Musical Rainbow
My absolute favorite part of the play area were these buttons you could push to make different colors of a rainbow appear on the wall. You could either push one color at a time to see that color arc displayed, or you could push the "rainbow" option to see all the colors together. Each button also play a nice, relaxing sound that reminds me of the "Finding Place" sound from the show, "Tumbleleaf."

A Soothing Oasis for Parents
It's indoors and provides a nice respite from the sun and heat, if you need it. There is seating for parents and hardly anyone was there both times we went. The whole environment is very soothing with gentle sounds in the background. It was fun for me to explore as an adult, and comfortable to relax at while my kids explored. To read more reasons why Universal Orlando rocks, check out the links below.


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