Loving Zhoug Sauce from Trader Joe's

A quick internet search suggests that Trader Joe's Zhoug sauce has been around for over a year, but yesterday was the first time I saw it at our local store. For breakfast every morning, I have a fried egg on a whole wheat English muffin and recently, I've been adding different hummus spreads to mix it up a bit. I've tried the Spicy Avocado as well as the Buffalo Style hummus from Trader Joe's and they were both okay, but the Zhoug sauce really hit it out of the park.

The official description from Trader Joe's is "a very spicy green herbal sauce with Yemeni roots." The ingredients are listed as cilantro, canola oil, jalapeno peppers, chile flakes, garlic, cardamom, sea salt, and cumin seed. The flavor is reminiscent of chimichurri sauce, but with more of a kick. Using a Trader Joe's comparison, I'd say it's spicier than the Buffalo Style hummus, but much less spicy than the Extra Hot Habanero Ghost Pepper salsa.

It's really good on my egg sandwich ... adds some welcome flavor and a nice kick, but not too overwhelming for first thing in the morning. I could also see this being good as a sauce on beef, chicken, or shrimp. Someone on Reddit suggested it on falafel, which I think would be perfect. I made falafel for the first time last weekend and it was dry without any tzaziki, which I avoided since it has dairy in it. Definitely feel like it is healthier than the butter I use sometimes for my breakfast, and for sure more flavorful.


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