3 Reasons Universal Orlando Rocks

We just got back from 6 nights at Universal Orlando Resort. It was such an easy and pleasant vacation, especially considering it involved the potentially explosive combination of 5 year old twins and theme parks. Here are the 3 main reasons we had a blast and avoided the usual stress associated with theme park vacations.

  1. Express Pass is unlimited. Yes, you have to either buy Express Pass or stay at a premium onsite Universal hotel that includes free Express Pass. But once you have it, you can go on any Express Pass ride (which is almost all of them) at any time you want and as many times as you want. This really cuts down on the advance planning and scrambling to secure more expedited ride reservations during the day. We stayed at Royal Pacific Resort for 2 nights in the beginning of our trip and it was totally worth it. It wound up being $250 more per night than Cabana Bay Beach Resort, where we spent the rest of our trip, but included 3 days of Express Pass. That would have cost over $2,000 for the four of us if we purchased the passes separately.
  2. The crowds were manageable. Even though we went during not only spring break, but Easter week, which is one of the busiest times of the year for Universal Orlando, the crowds were just not that crazy. There were a lot of people and sometimes the regular waits at popular rides were over an hour long, but we never felt like sardines in a can. The place also was not overrun with strollers or people on scooters, which can add to the chaotic feeling at other theme parks. 
  3. Happy and friendly employees. Maybe it was because there were fewer little kids and so the visitors were generally happier and less stressed, resulting in happier and less stressed employees. My husband thinks it's because teenagers and adults would rather work at a park with Harry Potter and Spider-Man theming than the alternative. Regardless, all the employees we encountered at Universal Orlando were pleasant, if not downright friendly and happy. It made for a relaxing and fun atmosphere.
There were lots more reasons why we really enjoyed our time at Universal Orlando. During our trip, we kept talking about what a great job they did in creating a pleasant experience for their visitors. I'll go into more depth in another post this week.


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