Ramping Up My Workouts

About a week and a half ago, my body told me it was time to start ramping up my workouts. As I wrote about in the yoga post, I started doing all sorts of 30 minutes workouts on PopSugar Fitness. The first one I did was Adam Rosante's 20 minute total body workout with Anna Renderer. Okay, I know that says 20 minutes, but there's no warm up or cool down that usually features in the 30 minute length workouts.

Anna Renderer is the host of the PopSugar Fitness workouts, and they bring in top trainers who share a whole range of trending workouts like Tabata, Bar Method, and dance cardio. I am a big fan of Anna because she is super positive and sweats right along with you. Adam is also extremely positive as well as high-energy.

The first time I did this workout, it was incredibly challenging to the point that I didn't even use dumbbells for the first move. The day after I did this workout, I tried a hip-hop Tabata routine and this cardio and HIIT workout, both of which I really enjoyed. Every day, I did a different class in order to keep my body guessing and also to allow it to recover from the specific exercises of the day before.

Today was the first day I went back to the Adam Rosante workout, and it shocked me how much easier it was already. I was able to use 5 pound weights for the entire routine, and I was able to keep up this time. It feels good to see the progress my fitness has made in as week and a half. I'm excited to keep this fitness push moving forward, and continuing to try out new workouts.


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