Assigning Tasks to your Subconscious

An article showed up in my Pocket feed on enlisting your subconscious to work for you while you're asleep. You may have experienced this in the past, where you are struggling with a problem and when you wake up, the solution is presented to you. This is essentially harnessing that power in a mindful way and pointedly asking your subconscious for help.

How It Works
The approach is, before bed, to spend a few moments thinking about a quandary you're facing and present it to your subconscious. I do this by essentially asking myself for help, in my mind. The two times I've done this since reading the article, I have awoken with an answer to my problem.

A Success Story
One of the times, I asked for help on how to deal with my nighttime eating habit, as I wrote about here. In the morning, my subconscious had arrived at an elegant solution of eating my oatmeal blend (recipe here) as a pre-bedtime snack. In addition to addressing the issue of uncontrolled nighttime snacking, it was also a solution to my dilemma on how to incorporate this nutritious oatmeal recipe into my daily eating regimen. Especially since I had gotten pretty attached to my morning breakfast of an egg on English muffin.

In Closing
I've only tried this a couple of times so far, but given my experience, I think it's worth a shot. Only takes a few seconds, and maybe your subconscious will come up with something good while you're asleep. I'll definitely give it a try again in the future when I need the help.


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