What's in a Blog Name?

A few years ago, after my kids were born, I wanted to start a blog about (my attempt at) raising adventurous eaters. The focus would be on the approach I took, based on recent studies I had read about, to encourage my kids to try different kids of food and hopefully enjoy a wide variety of flavors in each phase of their development. I also wanted to include some of the recipes I used for baby food, toddler meals, and beyond.

The thing is, once my kids grew out of the finger foods stage, we all started eating the same meals. So instead of dedicating an entire blog to the topic, I think the information I'd like to share can be covered in a few blog posts. And I'll plan to do that over the coming weeks.

In the meantime, I kept the name I wanted to use for the blog. It has been rolling around in my head for so long that it feels right. And to avoid any trademark issues, I went with Popped Tart instead of Pop Tart. Come back tomorrow for Part One of the Raising Adventurous Eaters series.


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