The Best Candle Ever ... from the Best Kids' Resort

The most fun place we've been for kids has been Rocking Horse Ranch in Highland, NY. Throughout the all-inclusive resort, year-round, they burn this Split Firewood candle. Despite our wide range of scent preferences, this is our family favorite.

The Best Kids' Resort Ever
We've been to Rocking Horse Ranch on a few occasions now, and it's always been a great time. It's an ideal resort for little kids because there are lots of fun things for them to do and the size makes it's easy for little legs to walk from activity to activity. The most we've stayed is for 2 nights and we've never been able to do everything on offer in one trip. There are so many nice little touches in addition to their bigger attractions, like this tall rocking horse in the main hall that kids can ride on, free mini bowling in the arcade, and a large, banjo-playing animatronic bear in the gift shop that starts up when you push a red button.

It's a very relaxed place and the guests have seemed very well-mannered overall. For nearly all the activities, you are expected to apply your own judgement as to whether it's appropriate for you or your kids to partake (e.g. should I allow my 2 year old to do a pony ride). And the place is designed for kids, so you won't see any, "Don't Touch" or "No Climbing" signs here.

There's plenty to do there in summer and winter. I first found the place when I was searching for a place to teach my kids how to ski. They offer free ski and ice skate rentals. I've actually never gone skiing there though, because their ski boots start at size 8 or 9 for kids, and my kids' feet were too small when we went while there was snow. Another major draw is they offer horseback riding for all levels throughout the year.

The Best Candle Ever
Back to the reason for this post. Throughout the resort, Rocking Horse Ranch burns Split Firewood candles. I don't know if it is actually the best candle scent ever, or if we like it so much because we associate the smell with our fond memories of Rocking Horse Ranch. It's probably a bit much for summer, but definitely works for all the other seasons. It reminds me of a wood-burning fireplace and would be right at home in a mountain lodge.

You can buy the candle either at the resort, or I've found the company that makes it ... Boone's Mill. I like the candle with the wooden wick because it makes a nice crackling sound and looks cool. Their cotton wick option is currently out of stock on their website, but you can still get it on Amazon. Amazon is the way to go unless you're planning to order more than $100 from the Boone's Mill site. That's when free shipping kicks in. Otherwise, the shipping fees are quite high since the candles are pretty heavy.

A Note on Candle Maintenance
As with all candles, make sure you practice proper maintenance. Specifically for this candle, I've found that it's important to trim the wick down until you feel the resistance of the wood. This might mean going down quite low until there's maybe only 2 millimeters of wick visible. Then hold your match or lighter to the wick 5-10 seconds until it really catches, and some of the wax starts melting. This will ensure a strong burn. Even so, I recommend lighting this candle only if you're going to be around for most of the day so that the entire top layer gets melted and you don't get tunneling. This is perfect for cozy winters days when you want to hibernate in your home. I would say give it at least 5 hours, but on the first burn, it could take much longer.

We Heart This Candle!
I've branched out and tried a couple of the other scents from the company. Bourbon Barrel has kind of a sour alcohol smell. Split Firewood has more of a fire-y smell than their Crackling Fire candle. I've also smelled Grandpa's Pipe, which they started selling at Rocking Horse Ranch, but definitely still preferred Split Firewood. If you can't make it out to Rocking Horse Ranch to smell it for yourself, read the reviews on Amazon ... I guarantee it's worth a try!


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