(More) Reasons We're Not Having a Third Child

Earlier this month, I wrote a post about why we're not having a third kid after twins. I focused on what ultimately decided it for us, but I know that when we were still unsure, I appreciated reading all the reasons people had for not having more kids after twins. Here is my full list for why we're sticking with two.

  1. We can keep using our sedan and crossover SUV. No rush to buy a minivan or vehicle with 3-row seating.
  2. When both kids are sick and my husband is travelling, I can totally handle it.
  3. One lap for each kid to cuddle on, one hand for each child to hold when walking in the parking lot, and one side of me for each munchkin to sit by when we're reading books.
  4. More funds available for college, weddings, and our retirement.
  5. More attention and patience to go around.
  6. More time spent on activities other than laundry, cleaning, and cooking. Also on picking out new kids' shoes, clothes, winter boots, pajamas, coats, mittens, swimsuits, socks ... you get the idea.
  7. One hotel room can almost certainly fit our family.
  8. Potty training days are done! So are diapers, nighttime feedings, tantrums (mostly), diastasis recti (aka separated abdominal muscles), and baby gates.
  9. Both kids can fit into one Costco or Home Depot shopping cart.
  10. School drop-offs and pick-ups are taken care of at the same place and same time.
  11. Two sets of breakfasts, dinners, and milks to serve instead of three.
  12. Better chances of sleeping through the night and dry sheets.
  13. Two sets of teeth to brush, two faces and bodies to wash and sunscreen, two heads of hair to shampoo, and enough room in the tub for two.
  14. Two backpacks, snacks, and lunches to pack; two sets of permission slips to sign; and two medical forms to fill out for school.
  15. Two doctor check-ups, four dental cleanings, and three eye exams total each year.
  16. The levels of noise, crying, mess, and fights are manageable.
  17. My body is mostly my own again ... all done with pregnancy, delivery, and breastfeeding.
  18. I can go back to school this fall when my kids start kindergarten, rather than waiting 5 more years.
So there it is, in no particular order other than how it came out of my mind. I think it's only fitting that there are 18 reasons in the list, as a reminder that my kids will probably be heading off to college when they're 18 and that most of these reasons are temporary. In the end, no matter how many children we have, I think the important thing is to enjoy the special time I have with them at this very moment and all the moments that follow. 


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