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Our Favorite Beach on Grand Cayman

Back in February this year, our family of four stayed on Grand Cayman for a week. It was the best possible tropical vacation for our 5 year old twins and us (read more here). While we were there, we checked out 8 different beaches and I'll be spotlighting them over the coming weeks. First up, our favorite beach on Grand Cayman, Spotts Beach.

Each of us voted Spotts Beach as the #1 beach we visited on Grand Cayman. The kids loved it because of the waves. They held our hands for hours while jumping and splashing as the the waves hit the beach, sometimes knocking them over, to their great delight.

Spotts Beach was 5 minutes from our condo rental in Georgetown. It was relatively small and had a very local, non-touristy vibe. Both times we went, families were hanging out there and our kids made friends with a boy their age who was there with his dad.

There is at least one picnic table there, plenty of shade, soft sand, and of course, the chickens and chicks that are ubiquitous across t…

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