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House Cleaning Schedule

As I wrote about in a post from 6 weeks ago, we discontinued using a cleaning service and I started cleaning our house myself. There is a lot to do and I find that having the schedule laid out in an Excel file helps keep me organized and on track. You can see my current schedule below.

Original 2 Week Schedule
At first, I started with a 2 week rotating schedule. However, this resulted me in cleaning some things more often than they really needed. For example, my husband usually showers at work and so our master bath shower only gets used on the weekends since I prefer to shower in our guest bath. So the master bath could really go longer without cleaning.

Transition to 4 Week Schedule
My husband suggested that I cut back on cleaning the master bath shower to once a month since that is equivalent to a week's usage. That made sense to me, and got me thinking of other tasks that could be done monthly. Coming out of that thought process, I revamped the cleaning schedule to be a 4 week r…

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