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Root Cause of My PMS Irritability

I had a breakthrough this week. It happened while driving to my acupuncture appointment, the latest in a string of attempts, spanning 5 years, to eliminate my PMS-related irritability. I won't keep you guessing ... the root cause of my PMS irritability is my two kids who quite literally also happen to make life worth living.

What I've Tried So Far
It's not 100% accurate to label my irritability as PMS-related. It happens twice a month, once prior to ovulation and again before my period. It's awful for me and unpleasant for my husband and the kids. I've tried everything that doctors typically recommend from lifestyle changes (e.g. exercising and sleeping regularly; cutting back on sugar, caffeine, alcohol, and dairy; reducing stress) to pharmaceuticals, namely, Sarafem.

I've been on the Pill in the past and it makes things worse, not better, and I wasn't willing to endure the physical upheaval and emotional rollercoaster of trying one formulation after anothe…

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