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A Lesson in Resilience … Shoveling Our Icy Driveway

There’s a lot of talk these days about the importance of grit and resilience, and how developing those qualities may be more important to living a successful life, however you define it, than possessing talent or genius. With that in mind, I focus on practice and trying hard with my kids, rather than telling them they’re smart or did a good job. In our house, the mindset we’ve adopted is that you can get better at almost anything through practice and learning. This week, we found and took the opportunity to increase our personal grit by tackling our frozen solid driveway.

Opportunity Knocks Last Tuesday, we got about 4 inches of snow during the day. Once the storm starting letting up, I brought my kids outside. I shoveled while they helped a bit and mostly played in the snow. After we went inside, it continued to snow, and later, the snow turned to rain. The temperatures dropped overnight and we woke up to a frozen driveway.
I shoveled a path from the road to our mailbox for the mailma…

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